Our Programs

Opus Futures provides two discretionary managed futures trading programs.

Advanced Ag Program

The primary focus of the trading program is in grains and oilseeds. Mr. Zelinski’s fundamental analysis on the grain and oilseed markets includes forecasting US and world supply and demand tables, monitoring of US and world weather, studying domestic and international freight values, and tracking underlying cash values associated with agricultural futures markets. Mr. Zelinski also travels the country several times a year to study crop development to help in projections of crop production. With several years of experience as an analyst, Mr. Zelinski has also developed strong relationships throughout the US and world with cash grain traders that serve as a gateway to additional information.

The livestock markets are a secondary focus of the Advanced Ag program. Mr. Zelinski has also developed several strong connections in the cash side of the livestock industry that aids the livestock trading portion of the program. He has developed extensive contacts in the cash livestock industry including contacts at major packers, feedlots, and other significant players. These extensive contacts give the program a distinctive edge in evaluating opportunities in trading livestock futures.

Macro Monitor Program

The primary focus of this trading program is FX and US Treasury futures. Mr. Zelinski began his career at a regional broker-dealer in Memphis, TN in the early 2000s before leaving to join Nesvick Trading Group to focus primarily on agricultural markets. However, the analysis of agricultural markets has always relied heavily on the trade impacts of changing FX and interest rates. Opus Futures has always closely monitored developments in world political events that can have an influence on global trade and FX developments. It is this analysis and experience that is utilized in the Macro Monitor program.

Our Team

David Zelinski

David Zelinski is the Trading Principal of Opus Futures, LLC and is responsible for all trading decisions. Beginning in February 2005, Mr. Zelinski has worked with Nesvick Trading Group as its primary research analyst. While employed with Nesvick Trading Group, Mr. Zelinski has written daily research reports for clients discussing a wide range of issues. These have covered agricultural fundamentals such as crop production, cash grain markets, and weather developments. The commentary also covers a wide range of other factors including world currencies, interest rates, and political events. Mr. Zelinski has had the opportunity to travel the country and world speaking to groups on these topics. His commentary has also been featured in several prominent publications. In March 2008, Mr. Zelinski began trading client assets on a discretionary basis in addition to his role as the lead analyst for Nesvick Trading Group. Opus Futures, LLC began operations in January 2011.

Brian LEith

Brian Leith is a Principal of Opus Futures, LLC and is responsible for supervision and compliance with NFA rules and other laws and regulations pertinent to all business conducted. Mr. Leith began his futures career with Refco in Memphis in 2003 and has been registered in some capacity since. In 2009, Mr. Leith became a Principal of Nesvick Trading Group and assumed majority ownership in 2014. In 2012 Mr. Leith helped found CTA Partner Services, a firm dedicated to develop CTAs and assist with their administrative, operations, and marketing responsibilities. Mr. Leith and CTA Partner Services continue to support various back office functions with several FCMs for a long list of successful CTAs.

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