Welcome to Opus Futures, LLC!

Opus Futures, LLC has been a member of the National Futures Association and registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a Commodity Trading Advisor since January 2011.


Opus Futures' Advanced Ag Futures Trading Program is a discretionary managed futures strategy.  The program trades a wide range of markets, but the primary focus is in agricultural commodities, specifically grains and oilseeds.  The trading principal of Opus Futures, Mr. David Zelinski, has gained a thorough knowledge of these markets while working with Nesvick Trading Group as its primary research analyst for grain and oilseed markets.  Mr. Zelinski has traveled around the country to study crop development, as well as to gain a knowledge of US cash grain and oilseed markets.  The Opus Futures fundamental analysis also includes forecasting US and world supply and demand tables, monitoring of US and world weather, studying domestic and international freight values, and tracking underlying cash values associated with agricultural futures markets.

Opus Futures also closely monitors developments in world currency values and political events that can have an influence on global trade flows. In addition to this analysis's influence on the agricultural trading strategies, Opus Futures will also use this analysis in trading various currency, financial, metal, and energy markets.

Technical/chart analysis is used very rarely, and generally only to help determine entrance and exit points.  Options are frequently used to enhance potential revenue and/or to manage risk.

Opus Futures is comfortable trading from both the long and short side of all futures and options markets.


Disclaimer - THERE IS NO ASSURANCE THAT ANY PROFIT WILL BE PROVIDED TO THE INVESTORS IN THE TRADING AS A RESULT OF THESE TRADING METHODS BY OPUS FUTURES, LLC.  No participant will acquire any rights or proprietary interest in, or have access to any of the information, data, or trading methods utilized by Opus Futures.